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SEV 72.​5-​420 kV


Halogen‑free flame retarding cables 3 kV, designed for fixed installation in ordinary or possibly damp environments in the air.


Wiring cable with single- or multicore copper conductor, outer shead lead-free PVC


Wiring cables with PVC insulation

1-​core PEX-​M-​AL-​LRT 72 kV

Halogen free, 1-core XLPE-insulated high voltage cable with circular solid aluminium conductor and red sheath, Longitudinal and radial watertight

FQ Xtra 450/750 V

Cables according to this standard are halogen free and flame retardant. In case of fire, only smoke free of corrosive gases and with low smoke density are emitted. For permanent installation in cabinets and in pipes. The insulation shall be protected from direct UV light that can, for example, be emitted in sign posts.

RQRQ Multi-​core (12 cores), RQRQ Multi-​core (6 cores)

NFA2X 0,6/1 kV

Self-supporting cable for use in three-phase AC mains with effectively grounded center. In-air mounting for overhead lines for hanging on columns and so on.

NAY2Y 0,6/1 kV

Kable elektroenergetyczne z żyłą aluminiową i izolacją PVC

PEX-​M-​AL 1 kV

4-conductor supply cable with sector-shaped twisted aluminum conductors. Halogen free.

RQAQ Dual-​core

Flexible and easy to prepare for connection to simplify installation and reduce cost on site. Al shield to reduce cost of material. Tougher CPR class B2ca. Halogen free, flame retardant and Al-shielded cable for power supply to radio and other telecom equipment. Sunlight resistant and CPR class B2ca. Indoor and outdoor use.

1-​core PEX-​M-​AL-​LT 12 kV

Halogen free, 1-core XLPE-insulated power cable with circular solid aluminium conductor and red PE-sheath, longitudinal watertight

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